About Winegeeks

Ryan Snyder teamed up with wine aficionado Sunny Brown in 2004 to create Winegeeks. They were studying to become certified sommeliers through the Court of Master Sommeliers, and used Winegeeks as a means of recording all of their wine education and tasting notes penned in each of their weekly tasting sessions.

Winegeeks is a place for wine nerds and newbies alike to discover information about the world of wine. We encourage you to rate the wines you taste, so your friends and the Winegeeks community will easily filter through the swill to find the best wines to please their palates.

Winegeeks is a sister site to Foodgeeks, which was first founded by Ryan in 1999 after he grew tired of flipping through cookbooks looking for recipes. Shortly after he saw the first internet microwave prototype from NCR, he decided it was time to put the site into action.

Foodgeeks is currently host to 10,000 recipes, which have been contributed by passionate foodies since the site's inception. Barb Myers serves as the Foodgeeks editor, and is responsible for bringing seasonal foods to life, both through home page features and throughout the site.

Beer writer Lucy Burningham began working with Ryan to launch Beergeeks, which saw its debut in September 2010. Like Winegeeks, Beergeeks helps educate others about the world of beer, and allows beer lovers to rate and review the beers they taste.

These sites were created so friends could explore the worlds of beer, wine and food together. We know that friends can have a unique understanding of each others' palates. They can help each other make new food and drink discoveries and experience new flavors. During the next year, we'll be rolling out features to better help community members explore these worlds together.