Discussion Board Redesign and Winegeeks.com News

By Ryan Snyder

Hello there fellow geeks! I thought I'd pop in and tell you a little bit about what's going on here at Foodgeeks.com and Winegeeks.com. We've done a little tinkering with the discussion board to make the interface cleaner and removed a lot of the stale areas and postings. Now, we essentially have a clean slate to work with... So hop on in and start talking food and wine!

Next up is a complete redesign for Winegeeks.com. It's well under way but we still have a lot of testing to do before we're completely comfortable releasing it to the hordes of web "2.0" fanatics. It will include more maps, more wine info and will put more power in the hands of the Winegeeks.com user. It's innovative and we think it's way cool, but we'll let you decide that for yourselves once it's live (no promises yet on the release date, but we'd like to have it done before the holidays).

We plan to add websites for Beergeeks.com and the newly acquired Cheesegeeks.com, but we want to revisit the already established sites of Foodgeeks.com and Winegeeks.com to make sure we've done both of those sites right. Once we feel comfortable with each of those sites, then we'll move into the new arenas of geeksdom.

Finally, we're looking for input on what you're looking for in food and wine websites. Are there any tools that we can build for you to make your experience more enjoyable here, and make your life more fruitful? Is there something missing from these sites that you'd expect to find here? Is there an area of knowledge that you'd like us to focus on? Send us your feedback, we're all ears!