New Appellation and Winery Maps

By Ryan Snyder

We winegeeks do our best to geek out, whether in the realm of wine or the realm of Internet technologies. Recently, satellite and mapping technologies have been used by winemakers to help determine which parts of their vineyards produce the best fruit. And on our side of the industry, we’ve found ways to use mapping technologies to help wine lovers pinpoint the source of their beloved beverages.

We’ve just rolled out our first phase of winery and appellation maps utilizing Google Maps. This new technology will pinpoint the location of any winery and will show where it lies in reference to other wineries in the same appellation. Switch to the satellite view, and in certain parts of the country (those closer to metropolitan areas), you can zoom in to catch a close-up view of the winery and vineyard.

We’ll keep working on fine-tuning these technologies. Right now, these maps are only available for United States wineries, but soon (or so Google promises!) will be available for wineries around the world. Also, our focus has been on West Coast wineries, which means the remaining AVAs east of the Rocky Mountains will be covered soon. In the future, we’ll provide appellation boundaries with each of the appellation maps, so keep an eye on the Appellation and Producer areas of the site!