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Ramey Wine Cellars

What started as 260 cases of Wente clone Chardonnay from a little vineyard in Sonoma has turned into some of the greatest Chardonnays and Cabernets in all of California. Read on as we find out just how David Ramey went from being a cellar rat in France to one of the the Golden State's greatest winemakers.

Vinum Cellars

Vinum Cellars is a great American Success Story about a couple of guys who got together and maxed out their credit cards to follow their dream. Oh, and they made some fantastic wines along the way. Read on as winemaker Richard Bruno explains why Vinum Cellars is our latest Producer of the Month.

Schloss Gobelsburg

What does it take to become a Winegeeks Winery of the Month? How about 800+ years of winemaking tradition? Not enough? How about some of the best white wines in all of Europe? Read on as we journey back in time to look the life of Schloss Gobelsburg.

Terres Dorées

Jean-Paul Brun of Terres Dorées has wowed us time and time again with Beaujolais that is both serious and playful, and will make you wonder why wine snobs continue to belittle the appellation. It's no wonder that Terres Dorées is the first Beaujolais winery to be featured as our Winegeeks Winery of the Month.

Au Bon Climat

For twenty-five years Jim Clendenen has been producing fantastic Burgundian-styled wines from Au Bon Climate winery in Santa Barbara. Despite his many projects he has managed to keep his wits about him, as you will see when you read on in our February Winery of the Month.

Brander Vineyards

For thirty years now Fred Brander of Brander Vineyards has been producing fine Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and above all Sauvignon Blanc. Read on to see why Santa Barbara is famous for more than just Pinots and Chardonnay.

Quinta do Feital

The Vinho Verdes of Portugal and the Albariños of Spain were once worlds apart in terms of quality even though they hail from the same region, soil and grapes. But no longer, as Marcial Dorado of Quinta do Feital has proven that great wines do indeed come from both sides of the Minho. Read on as we sing the praises of Quinta do Feital in our Producer of the Month feature.

Viña Montes

Twenty years ago Viña Montes produced the first premium varietal wine in Chile. Today they are at the forefront of all things from the vine, and their wines are some of the best in the world, not just South America. Read on as we feature Viña Montes for our Producer of the Month.

News Flash: Australian Wine Lake Finally Drying Up

Severe weather conditions have drastically reduced the size of the Australian harvest. What effects will this have on your bottle of Shiraz? Read on to find out.

Tenuta Sant'Antonio

The Castagnedi Brothers of Tenuta Sant'Antonio produce wines that are a mix of the past and the future, with the best elements of both ages shining through. Read on as we dive into what it takes to make wines that combine "passion, enthusiasm, business skills and experience."

Allan Scott

Sales of New Zealand wine are on the rise around the world, and winelovers here in the U.S. are beginning to take note of the fantastic family-run ventures that dot the South Island. Join us as we tout one of the best- Allan Scott Family Winemakers.

Rosé Wineries of Southern France

Tuesday, August 14th marks the Winegeeks' 3rd Annual International Rosé Day, so what better way to celebrate than by declaring the entire south of France our Wineries of the Month for August 2007! Check out our favorite rosé producers from the south of France.

Which Wine Pairs the Worst with Food?

Great food pairings have been covered time and time again. Sancerre with goat cheese, Chianti with Ragú Bolognese, Standing Rib Roast with Pauillac. Yadda yadda yadda. What is rarely talked about is which wines to avoid when seeking a great wine to compliment your food. The fact is, most wines will work fine, but here are some wines to watch out for.

The World's Top 10 Wine Soils

It's all about the soil baby! Winemakers study and practice their entire lives to become skilled craftsmen - but only the best are truly humble in the process and will readily admit that terroir holds the most sway when making a phenomenal wine. Join us as we geek out about the soils that create the greatest wines!

Gundlach Bundschu

Gundlach Bundschu has been producing great wines in Sonoma County for 150 years. Their philosophies blend fun, family, hard work and quality into truly great wines. Read on to see why they are our Producer of the Month.

Who is your Wine Idol?

Various people have changed the wine industry in great or small ways, so much so that they have left a personal impression on our lives. We recently asked the wine geeks to weigh in on their wine idols. Thier answers may surprise you, and feel free to add your own Wine Idol to the comments area below the article.

A New Industry Buzz Word -- Clonal Selection

As wineries and grape growers have a renewed interest in talking about how their wines are expressed through the vineyard, a new set of buzz words has emerged – CLONAL SELECTION.

Cristom Vineyards

In the Eola-Amity Hills AVA in Oregon's Willamette Valley, Cristom Vineyards stands out from the rest of the crowd of Pinot producers. Six of their vineyards are named after family matriarchs, and each of their Pinots is a dynamic expression of the personality of each of its vineyards. Try their wines, and you too will become a Cristomaniac.

If you could be any Grape, which would you be?

We Winegeeks talk about favorite wines, favorite wineries, favorite regions and grapes all the time. But let's look at wine from another perspective... If you could be any grape varietal, which would it be? Would you be Riesling so you could be graceful both in youth and old age, or would you rather be Cabernet Sauvignon so you had a little bite to your personality?

Welcome to the New Winegeeks!

Ryan's been busy giving Winegeeks a facelift, including a new look and feel, a new wine review system, article comments and a world-encompassing currency system. Here's his recap on the old Winegeeks, and an explanation of what you'll find in the new Winegeeks.

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