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It's Beaujolais Nouveau Time!!

Get your drinkin' boots on, it's Beaujolais time!! One of the great traditions in wine and one of the great parties of the world, the arrival of the new vintage of Beaujolais is upon us. That fruity, frothy and fresh quaff from France will be flowing in light red rivers throughout the world, to the delight of wine lovers everywhere. So what's all the hubbub, bub? Read on to find out why you need to make a date with a glass of wine this coming Thursday, November 16th.


The Cavallotto family has been producing outstanding wines in Barolo since 1948, always with an emphasis on soil and heart. Find out what makes a winery a family and vice versa in our Producer of the Month feature for November.

Comfort Wines for Comfort Foods

Now that the leaves are turning, the thermometer is dipping farther and farther each day, and nothing but football can be found on the tube over the weekend, we know autumn is officially here. I recently asked the Winegeeks writers what culinary items they use to cope with the cold weather, and although their responses varied they all agreed that autumn is a wonderful season for food and wine pairing.

Umami - Taste Receptor, Tactile Sensation and Flavor Intensifier

Does anything stay the same? I just found out that that Pluto is not a planet, that female Reindeer have antlers, and now we have 5 taste receptors including salty, sweet, bitter and sour, and now Umami! This awareness is just the beginning of a whole new sensual pleasure in our mouths.

Poggio Antico

There are two sides to the great wines of Montalcino, those that produce wines in the strict traditions of history and those that craft wines with an eye towards the new world. But only Poggio Antico does both, and they do so with such quality and panache that their products will satisfy any wine lover no matter what their preferred style.

An Afternoon Drive through Oregon's Willamette Valley during Harvest

Ryan Snyder found a free moment on Friday and made a quick drive into the Willamette Valley. Join him as he shares brief highlihts from his drive, and some of his favorite pictures, including some great shots of Pinot Noir clusters hanging from the vines.

September 11th, A day to remember and reflect

The healing process is a long, slow journey. Only through friendship, brotherhood and togetherness can our pain be muted. The world of wine provides much insight into how to be neighbors and friends in the global community.

Chateau Gigognan

Chateauneuf-du-Pape is hot as far as wine regions go. Hot in temperature, hot in popularity, hot in the press. Chateau Gigognan is just further proof. They are a mix of new world technology and old world finesse, and the wines couldn't be more delicious. Read on to see why this winery is the new face of an old friend.

Wines for the Labor Day Barbecue

The days are growing shorter and the summer rays will soon be giving way to the changing leaves and bone-chilling breezes. Labor Day may be our last chance to light up the grill without having to put a snow suit on first, so with that idea in mind we asked the Winegeeks writers what they would be grilling up and chugging down this holiday weekend.

Wine Ratings: What's in a Number Anyway?

Wine ratings are all the rage. The Spectator does it, we do it. Even your local wine shop does it. So what's the big whup, and why do we need to continue to put numbers on a bottle of wine? Or do we? Read on to find out.

Discussion Board Redesign and News

Hello there fellow geeks! I thought I'd pop in and tell you a little bit about what's going on here at and We've done a little tinkering with the discussion board to make the interface cleaner and removed a lot of the stale areas and postings. Now, we essentially have a clean slate to work with... So hop on in and start talking food and wine!

I'm Feeling Pink: International Rose Day

Exactly 6 months after the beloved Valentine's Day, declared August 14th an interational holiday to celebrate the other type of rose: Rosé. Some may call this a silly holiday, but could there be a better way to spend a Monday night than by opening a bottle of pink juice and sharing it with your sweetie or a group of friends? Exactly. Read on as Dana Pickell provides a world tour of rosés for you to choose from to celebrate International Rosé Day.

Elio Altare

Few producers in the world can say they truly revolutionized an entire region. Elio Altare is one of those select few. Whether you focus on his efforts to change Barolo for the better then or the fantastic wines he produces now, one can say this about Altare and his wines: They stand out in a region of outstanding wines.

Favorite Summer Wine

As a continuation of our Winegeeks' opinions series, we recently asked all of the contributors to write about their favorite summer wines. What follows is a geeky summary of all of our favorite summer quaffs: Napa Cabernet, Shiraz, Port... just kidding. Here's our whimsical approach to the world of wine, a bunch of opinions about grape juice and not a darn bit of stuffiness.

The Soul of Wine Pairing

When making dinner preparations, we often think ahead to the dishes we'll prepare and the wines that will provide the perfect flavor combinations. But what about the other kinds of wine pairing? Scott Frank takes a look at the importance of selecting wines for people, seasons and occasions.

The Flavor of Wine

Whether novice or experienced the most difficult thing to comprehend when tasting is, where do all the flavors and tactile sensations come from? Join Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia as he illustrates how the flavors of wine come to be.

Isenhower Cellars

Typically, we here at wait at least a decade for a winery to dig its roots firmly into the ground before featuring it as our Producer of the Month. But this time, we had no choice. The simple fact of the matter is that Isenhower Cellars is the most exciting winery in Walla Walla, even though Brett and Denise Isenhower founded the winery just 7 years ago.

Favorite Wine Regions

When it comes to the world of wine, everyone has opinion and every opinion is valid. This is the first of a series of monthly articles that will showcase the opinions of each of the writers, in order to provide numerous sides of a single topic. We recently asked each of the writers to sound off on their favorite wine region, and each had a different response.

Interview with Matthew Citriglia, MS -- Part 2

This is the second portion of E.S. Brown's interview with Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia. It's just two wine geeks talking about the world of wine, but provides an intruiging perspective from someone who travels, tastes and lectures on a constant basis.


Since 1984, John Paul of Cameron Winery has been making fabulous Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that express the terroir of the Dundee Hills of Oregon. Our own Scott Frank had a chance to visit John Paul recently, where they opened up a few Burgundies and explored the idea of what makes wine so great from the eyes of a winemaker.

149 articles