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Cameron, The Interview Continued

This is the second installation of our interview with John Paul of Cameron Winery. Here he makes his opinion known about dry viticulture, dropping crop and the value of making a wine that tastes different from vintage to vintage.

The World of Wine and Immigration

One of the most controversial subjects of our day is what to do about the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States and what to do with them once they are here. What follows is an Editorial by Winegeeks writer/editor E.S. Brown about the place of migrant workers in the wine world and what affect they have upon our everyday lives.

High Alcohol is a Wine Fault... Not a Badge of Honor

When did high alcohol and dense color become the hallmarks of great wine? Why did the sappy cloying texture of a de-alcoholized wine become the hallmark of great mouth feel? Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia examines today’s pendulum swing of phenolic ripeness, and argues that the real celebrity is the vineyard manager, not the winemaker.


Elisabetta Foradori and the wines she creates in the mountain vineyards of Trentino are in a class by themselves, and it is not just because she is instrumental in reviving the ancient grape Teroldego. Join us as we celebrate one of wine's great success stories.

Interview with Matthew Citriglia, MS

Our very own E.S. Brown sat down with Master Sommelier and contributing writer for Matthew Citriglia for a little shop talk about the wine industry. Read on for insights into the world of winegeekdom from Matthew's point of view.

Introduction to Sake -- Part 2

Here comes Part 2 of Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia's Introduction to Sake, which covers the brewing process and the many different styles of premium Sake available. After reading this tome of information, you'll be armed with a Tokkuri full of Sake knowledge. And of course, once you have learned the Art of Sake, you must practice your Sake drinking skills, Grasshopper!

Introduction to Sake -- Part 3

The final piece of our Introduction to Sake. Here you'll learn that the first rule of proper Sake etiquette is to always make sure you keep your neighbor's O-choko full! And finally, you'll find all the Japanese terms you need to help you become a bonified Sakegeek! Kanpai!

It is because I say it is

The world of online wine writing is evolving at breakneck speed. How much is too much information? At what point does it stop being useful? And who does all this writing anyway? And why is that blogger making stuff up? Read on for a little info about wine info.


You’ll find our April Producer of the Month, Elyse Winery, on a 1-1/2 acre vineyard just south of Yountville in Napa County. For nearly two decades, Ray Coursen has scoured vineyards across the county, from Rutherford to Howell Mountain, in order to find quality grapes to make his luscious red wines. Join us as we discover that Coursen’s fatherly presence in the winery is what allows his wines to truly grow into their own.

Top Ten Wine Questions

Let's face it, we all have wine questions that need answering. Unless you are a certified expert chances are there is something about the world of wine that you are dying to know the answer to. Read on as we drop some knowledge on the wine questions we are asked most frequently.

Message from the Retailer

Have complaints about the wine industry? From the retailer's point of view it is not perfect either. In an effort to improve the wine industry as a whole, our latest feature is a four part series on changes that should be made to help make wine buying and enjoying that much easier.

Introduction to Sake -- Part 1

The newest wine craze is the drink that sent Kamikaze pilots off to their glory. Sake! While many wine geeks understand what becomes of fermented grapes, few understand the methods of fermenting rice into Sake. Join us as Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia shows how Nihonshu, the Sake of Japan, is produced.

Edmunds St. John

Since 1985, Steve Edmunds of Edmunds St. John winery in Berkeley, California has produced the unfathomable – American wines that speak of the earth. Eschewing the practices praised by wine critics, Edmunds creates wines in the truest expression of the grapes, the vines and the landscape from which they were derived. Bring your shovel along as we explore the wines of our March Producer of the Month, Edmunds St. John.

Message from the Consumer

Have complaints about buying wine? Was the clerk to pushy? The restaurant list over priced? In an effort to improve the wine industry as a whole, our latest feature is a four part series on changes that should be made to help make wine buying and enjoying that much easier. Part 1 focuses on complaints from the consumer. In the future, Parts 2, 3 and 4 will focus on complaints from the retailer, distributor and winery.

¡Viva La Revolución!

Spain is at the forefront of a quality-wine revolution, and America is starting to take notice. The wines are hip, the regions varied, and the prices low. Sound too good to be true? Read on as we tackle the explosion of new Spanish wines, and the regions they hail from.

Bordeaux vs. California Cabernet -- Why They Should Never Be Compared!

Ever since the infamous Judgement of Paris in 1976, Bordeaux's best have been compared to California's Cabernet Sauvignon. The effects have rippled across the industry and now wine critics judge Bordeaux wines as something they are not. Read on as Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia examines the details contributing to Bordeaux's identity crisis.

Woodward Canyon

Woodward Canyon is a small winery located outside of Walla Walla, Washington. Since 1981, they have produced excellent Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay, but there’s one simple reason we’ve chosen to feature them as our Producer of the Month: Woodward Canyon has set a new standard for Washington Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bulk Wine Blues

I will not drink them in a box. I will not drink them when they smell like lox. I will not drink the bulk wine and ham, I will not... Ok, you get the picture. The bulk wine industry is booming and there is more to it than just wine at crazy low prices. Read on as we disect the good, the bad, and the ugly of Bulk Wines.

New Appellation and Winery Maps

We’ve just rolled out our first phase of winery and appellation maps utilizing Google Maps. This new technology will pinpoint the location of any U.S. winery and will show where it lies in reference to other wineries in the same appellation. Switch to the satellite view, and in certain parts of the country (those closer to metropolitan areas), you can zoom in to catch a close-up view of the winery and vineyard.

Port: The Other Red Wine

Port wine is the king of all after dinner drinks. Sweet, sticky, strong and delicious, Ports have been a major part of the wine world for centuries, but the average wine drinker may not know why. So read on curious sort, as we diagram the virtues of this lovely treat in our Port Wine Primer.

149 articles