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Redefining Greatness in Wine

Wine rating systems have helped many consumers feel more confident when purchasing wine, but they have also enabled people with very little fundamental wine knowledge to act like experts. Join Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia as he discusses the inherent flaws of wine rating systems and redefines what makes a great wine.

Trefethen Vineyards

John and Janet Trefethen have been putting their heart and soul into their vineyards since 1968. The result? Wines of quality and distinction made entirely from Estate grown fruit for over thirty years. Not too shabby. Read on as we feature Trefethen Vineyards as our January Producer of the Month.

Grgich Hills

The wines of Grgich Hills Cellar located in the heart of Napa Valley are a rare combination of quality, longevity and innovation. They have bested the best of France and California. The have survived the test of time. Much of this can be attributed to the vision and hard work of one man- Mike Grgich, who is as close to wine aristocracy as anyone not named Mondavi can get.


For some time now, the Willamette Valley has been showing off its true colors, i.e. burgundy, magenta and purple, and its fabulous Pinot Noir continues to turn heads around the globe. One of the wineries responsible for Willamette Valley's notoriety is Bergström, whose opulent, terroir-driven Pinot Noir has earned them the status as our Producer of the Month.

Respect Your Elders!

The old commercial says: "We shall serve no wine before its time," but what time is that? As Americans we drink our wines very young, and while there are obviously tasty results, there is no comparison to a bottle of Barolo or Bordeaux that has finally reached maturity after years of resting quietly in the cellar. Read on as we discuss the merits of that dusty old gem in your basement in our article about mature wines.


The fine Rieslings produced on the steep slate slopes of the Mosel River in southwestern Germany have been famous for centuries, but there are fine Rieslings and there are <I>fine</I> Rieslings, like those of the Selbach-Oster estate found in the heart of the Zeltingen. The Selbach family has taken Riesling to new heights, with wines that are unique yet typical, strong yet supple, obvious yet subtle, clean, crisp, and sumptuous while retaining all the <I>terroir</I>-driven character that defines Riesling as the greatest and most-versatile of all white grapes. Join us for our October Producer of the Month feature as we sing the praises of a family whose Mantra is producing "handcrafted" wines.

Up and Coming Wine Regions

Grab your globe, these times they are a changin'! The world of wine is evolving at light speed and once obscure regions are turning into household names everyday. Think you know where the new Bordeaux is found? How about the next Australia? Read on to test your mettle as we scour the ends of the earth for the hottest new wine regions.


Seghesio has produced wine from its Sonoma County vineyards for over 100 years. While they've received a hefty amount of publicity in recent years, you'll still find the Seghesios out in the vineyards with sweat covering their brows, constantly striving to make grow better grapes and make quality wine. This dedication has encouraged us to make Seghesio our September Producer of the Month.

New California Wine Regions

Lovers of California wine practically need a scorecard nowadays to keep up with the new wine regions that spring to life on a seemingly everyday basis. Read on as we provide a rundown of the starting lineup of the new California American Viticultural Areas.

August 14th -- International Rosé Day!

As the northern hemisphere wilts away under the summer heat people all over the world look for relief in the most summer of wines - Rosé. The great pink wines of the world deserve their own day in the sun, so it is with great pride that we celebrate the First Annual International Rosé Day on August 14th. Join us as we honor the beauty of these dry and lovely wines that prove that there is pink-hued life after White Zinfandel.


Arguably the best sparkling wines produced in the United States are coming from a winery in... California? Nope. Oregon? Huh-uh. Virginia? New York? No and no. To-die-for sparkling wines are being produced by a little winery called Gruet in New Mexico. Yes, they actually grow grapes in the land where the state flower is the yucca. And we’re not kidding about the wine either. It’s damn good.

How to Find the Best Buys of France

When the word value is mentioned most winelovers think of Australia, South America, or even (gasp!) 2-buck Chuck, but rarely is France at the tip of their palates. In our latest feature How to find the Best Buys of France, we show that while the Grandfather of modern wine may have the gilded greats of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, et al., there are still a few diamonds in the rough that won't cost you a ton of coal.

Throw Another Wine on the Barbie!

Are your wines gathering dust over the long summer days? Has the decanter given way to the longneck as your drink holder of choice next to the grill? Why, when there are so many flavorful and perfect wines to match with your BBQ'd beast? Just because your grill is en fuego doesn't mean that you need forego your favorite wines. Read on for our favorite wines for the grilling season.

Bodega Catena Zapata

When Domingo Catena returned from France in 1974, he was convinced that Argentine Malbec could compete with the great wines of the world. While much of the wine world has scoffed at Argentina’s attempts to put this Bordeaux blending grape back on the map, Bodega Catena Zapata is beginning to silence its critics. Catena's wines have proven not only that Mendoza is the rightful home for Malbec, but that Malbec has earned its place in the world of wine.

Crisp Summer Wines

Summer heat is here and it is time to break out the grill, invite the friends and family over and grab a bottle or two to enjoy by the pool. Chances are it won't be that Cabernet you have had in the cellar since your wedding, so which wine to serve? Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Grüner-Veltliner and many others make delicious partners to an evening in the back yard, so join us as we cover the basics for picking the perfect summer treat.

Waiter, There's a Flaw in My Wine!

Is the wine flawed, or is it just bad? There are many faults that can ruin your bottle of vino. Some occur naturally, some are manmade. Brettanomyces, TCA, too much sulphur. The list goes on. But knowing when to send the bottle back or when to hold your nose and struggle on can be a little tricky. Read on for a list of the most common faults in wine and how to recognize them.


Years ago, the thought of organic vineyards may have brought the image of smelly hippies making really bad wine. But today there are many wineries that are raising successful organic vineyards by applying enological principles to crop and soil maintenance. This month we are focusing on Morgan, a winery from Monterey County, California that is producing delicious Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah from its organic vineyard.

In Focus: Napa Valley

Think the heart of rock and roll is in Cleveland? What about the heart of wine? For America at least Napa is the spot for all things wine. From the cult Cabernets that command hundreds of dollars to the innovation that has spurred winery growth all over the United States, join us as we take a closer look in our feature, In Focus: Napa Valley.

Supreme Court Overturns Wine Shipping Laws

While just one of many steps necessary to allow shipments of wine to every state, the Supreme Court overturned the law banning out-of-state wineries from shipping to specific states. But who was affected, and where do we go from here?

Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

If you like wine then you probably dig the queso as well. But which cheese to serve with Sauvignon Blanc? Or how about that funky cheese that you can't pronounce? Or better yet, the crazy, stinky, ooey, gooey goody that the local Fromaggist said that you couldn't live without? Read on for a few easy ideas that will help take the mystery out of wine and cheese pairing.

149 articles