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Bud Break at Laurel Glen, March 2005

Spring is exciting, and not just because the weather is changing but because we get to see vines sprouting new leaves! Patrick Campbell, owner of Laurel Glen, has documented the changes in his vines at his Sonoma County vineyard.

Baby Steps Towards Wine Geekdom

With so many labels and so many varietals on the shelves, how do we know where to start? Just like food, the only way to truly find out what you do and do not like is to dive in and start tasting! And while there is nothing wrong with going straight for the $200 bottle of Dom Pérignon, many of us feel a bit more hesitant about dropping that load of cash on a wine we're completely unfamiliar with.

A Primer on Grapes and Varietals

Now it’s time to play the name game. Our first couple of jaunts through the wine store often end up being more confusing than enlightening. Bottles displaying foreign names and labels with monkeys and elephant butts line the shelves, and some are even on sale, but how do we know what’s good? Even true winegeeks find themselves stumped every time they enter a wine shop, running into a region or grape they’ve never heard of. But knowledge is power, and soon you’ll walk confidently amongst the wine racks knowing more than even the salesperson.

Look, Sniff, Taste

Look. Sniff. Taste. These three steps are all that is required to properly taste a wine. Sure, you’re welcome to chug wine, but by doing so you’ll miss the subtle flavors and aromas that have made this a cherished beverage for millennia.

Red Wine Headaches

Many people suffer from red wine headaches, but scientists have yet to determine the exact cause. We've researched the many possible causes of red wine headaches, and while we haven't come to a conclusion, we're hoping this will at least shed some light on the subject.

Wine Regulations: Old World Countries

All countries are both blessed and cursed by wine regulations, of which we have compiled a list of regulations for Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Wine Regulations: New World Countries

A comprehensive list of wine regulations from New World countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

47 articles