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An aromatic grape varietal that has been overshadowed by the world-class grapes that grow around it in its home region of Piemonte, in northwestern Italy. A tricky grape to grow (Arneis means 'a difficult and demanding person' in Piemontese), good examples of Arneis can be both rich and viscous, similar to Viognier in weight and Pinot Blanc in flavors and aromas. Almonds, peaches, vanillin and flowers are common components of Arneis. Poor examples can be flabby or neutral. Has the synonym Nebbiolo Blanco.

Look to the DOCs of Langhe and Roero in Piemonte for fine Arneis. Along with Chardonnay it is one of the best white grapes grown in this region dominated by the famous reds of Barolo and Barbaresco. Arneis is also grown in Oregon to limited success.

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