Cabernet Franc

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A widely grown and productive varietal related to the Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc's origins stem from France where it flourishes in both Bordeaux and the Loire valley. An early ripening varietal, Cabernet Franc is known for making medium-bodied, tanninc wines that have flavors of red fruits, purple flowers, green herbs and a distinct aroma of pencil shavings.

Cabernet Franc is common in the Bordeaux communes of Pomerol and St.Emillion, most notably the noble house of Ch. Cheval Blanc. It grows throughout the Loire valley where it is known as Bouchy, Breton and Bouchet. Look for wines from Anjou and Chinon. Cabernet Franc is also popular in Slovakia, Hungary and Italy where it goes by the name of Bordo. It is also increasingly grown in California (Napa & Sonoma) both as a single varietal wine and in the Bordeaux-style blends that are gaining momentum in the state.

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